Theta Xi is not just another club or campus organization; it is a Brotherhood. The bonds formed with Brothers of Theta Xi are lifelong. By taking the leap to become a Theta Xi, you signal to the world that you are a responsible, dependable, productive member of society. Be it through our many formal or informal philanthropic causes, our brothers work to make their campuses, communities, and world a better place.

Theta Xi opens a world of opportunities for committed and dedicated brothers. You will gain crucial leadership skills through the daily operations of your chapter, active involvement with other ERAU organizations, and working with civic organizations throughout the state of Arizona. These experiences, coupled with our high academic standards, will position you well to take advantage of our extensive alumni network.

The unique nature of Embry-Riddle’s student bodies guarantees a broad exposure to people and cultures from not only our own country, but over 20 other countries. The Gamma Iota chapter of Theta Xi is represented by 400+ brothers in 36 states and 3 countries.

Brothers from our chapter go on to achieve big things. From legacy airlines to regional airlines, small business to multinational corporations, our long history of success has allowed our brothers to graduate into a world of opportunities not necessarily afforded to all students.

Theta Xi is also a proud supporter of the US Armed Forces. A sizable percentage of our undergraduate and alumni brothers are involved in the ERAU detachments of the US Air Force ROTC and US Army ROTC. These brothers receive their commission and go on to be pilots, engineers, and commanders. The Gamma Iota chapter of Theta Xi is proud to support our brothers in arms. We Salute You!